My name is John and I am a boy. I am 12 years old.

Unicorns are blue and live under the water. Fish fly high in the sky and jump over rainbows. Pluto is the hottest and biggest planet.

Elsa has black hair. She is 15 years old. And she loves cars. She has a pet hamster. Livia is her big brother. She loves putting her shoes on all by herself.

Ezri likes to find toys in the mud. She is a grandmother and 90 years old. Her favorite book is Dinosaurs, and she loves playing with her cat. She has lots of cats and they poop on the floor.

Naomi is from Mexico. She speaks German. She is one million years old.

See? The internet doesn’t always tell the truth!!  😀 😀 😀


Unicorn Poop Art Print by seemikedraw | Society6